Workshop - A Common Live Technical Rider

Date: Saturday, 28th November 2015 | Time: 10:30 - 11:30 | Venue: Nataraja | Event Type: Music / Workshop


A Common Live Technical Rider

Work methodologies and standards are often very different between European and Indian productions.
The workshop aims to help both production professionals and artists/managers by working together to create a common, practical Technical Rider for international touring.

Session 1 (2 hours)
The first part of this 2-day workshop will be a closed-door session between an exclusive working group of Tour Managers, Festival Buyers, and Sound Engineers from India and Europe. Working on a common document around the patch, backline, rider, etc., the session will explore what is often not possible on both sides, understanding differences between festival and single gig situations, timelines, and flexibility required from artists / stage members, the realities of backline availability, recording of live gigs, and monitor section requirements.

Session 2 (50 mins)
The second session will present the work to all workshop attendees, to discuss and fine-tune the document towards making this a standard for the live music industry when working internationally.


Romuald Requena - Sakifo; Artists Manager, Festival Organiser (FR)
Marion Joly - Independent Technical Production Manager (FR)

Yotam Agam - EarthSync, Sound Engineer, Festival Organiser, Musician (IL/IN)

Prithvi Moses - Prithvi Sound & Lights, Technical Provider (IN)


Who can apply?

- Production professionals, artists, artist managers, the general public.

How to apply?

- Participants must already have a 3-day XChange pass (available for purchase here)