Want To Volunteer?

Ever wanted to be part of a large scale festival, understand the inner workings of the music industry, work alongside a team of passionate individuals with years of experience? Well, here’s your chance!

We are looking for dedicated, passionate, hard working volunteers to join our team and help us put together a three day experience of film, media and music like no other in the country.

Benefits of volunteering:
* Get hands on experience organizing an international level festival / trade event.
* Meet like-minded, creative individuals.
* Get insights into the inner workings of the industry.
* Learn the ins and outs of organizing large scale events from the ground up.
* Learn from individuals who have years of experience working in the worldwide music & film industry.
* Learn new skills in the fields of: stage management, audio engineering, artist management/artist liaison, event management, Music/Arts PR, social media marketing and more.

Training / orientation sessions will take place before the festival, starting on November 20th 2015.

Interested, and think you’ve got what it takes? Fill out the form below:

Overwhelmed by the massive response to the call for volunteers!
Thank you! we'll see you at the festival