Presentation - Effective Storytelling With Sound

Date: Saturday, 28th November 2015 | Time: 16:30 - 18:30 | Venue: Nataraja | Event Type: Film / Presentation


Effective Storytelling With Sound

Over the years, from mono to stereo to 5.1 and now to surround sound and Atmos, sound has always been an essential storytelling tool to content creators and a vital part of the viewer’s experience.

Sound surrounds the viewers, pulls them in and gives them a sense of space, it creates an immersive audio environment. The pressure and release that pushes through the air and literally wraps around the body. It’s the only part of a visual production that actually touches the audience.

When used by content creators tactfully, sound can add colour and vibrance to a story, whether it be in fiction film making, documentaries, or music videos - ultimately good audio results from a deliberate process of planning, working in the field and producing in the studio.


Bhaskar Pal, Dolby

Who can apply?

- Filmmakers looking to add creative touches to their projects
- Content creators, audio engineers, technicians, the general public

How to apply?

- Participants must already have a 3-day XChange pass (available for purchase here)
- Additional registration is not required