Over the span of 3 days, 300+ industry professionals and creative minds from across India and different corners of the globe come together to engage in dialogue, meet other professionals, book artists, network, and explore business opportunities beyond borders.

At IndiEarth XChange industry movers forge tangible connections, growing the market in India and opening international markets for Indian artists and professionals.

The list of Delegates is being constantly updated

Navneet Rao

India / Musician, Music Producer, Sound Engineer Read More

Phoebe Kiddo

Australia, Germany / Musician Read More

Prashant Pillai

India / Music Producer Read More

Gregoire Vaillant

France / Collectif Øpera, Zenpark, Moongaï Read More


France / Moongaï, Collectif Øpera Read More

Yoav Rosenthal

Israel, India / EarthSync Read More

Yanto Browning

Australia / Q Music Read More

Praveen K L

India / Avid Media Read More

Ranvir Shah

India / Prakriti Foundation Read More

Simon Broughton

United Kingdom / Songlines Magazine Read More

Romuald Requena

France / SAKIFO Musik Festival, ZAKIFO Festival Read More

Venkatesh Chakravarthy

India / L.V. Prasad Film & TV Academy Read More

Manju Pravin

India / Switch Events and Entertainment Read More

Gurpal Singh

India / Event Organizer Read More

Jai Undurti

India / Syenagiri Read More

Barnali Ray Shukla

India / Writer, Director Read More

Michael Genrich

Austria / Georg Leitner Productions Read More

Suprateek Chatterjee

India / HuffPost India Read More

Pritham K. Chakravarthy

India / L.V. Prasad Film & TV Academy Read More

Kaushik Dutta

India / Song of Soul, Kolkata International Music Festival Read More

Priyanka Bhattacharya

Singapore / Bandviews Read More

Tapas Nayak

India / Sound Engineer Read More

Yann Bieuzent

France / Musical Network for Cooperation in PDL Read More

Sandra Schultze

France / Do Good Read More

Kamala Govindarajan

India / Office of Pays de la Loire Region Read More

Sanjay Chandrasekhar

India / Studio MuzikBoxx Productions Read More

Anais Rambaud

France / Astrolabe Read More

Bhaskar Pal

India / Dolby Read More

V S Kundu

India / Government of Haryana, India Read More

Ramani RV

India / Ramanifilms Read More

Fotinatos Anais

France / Organic Orchestra Read More

Jérémie Hahn

France / Fraca-Ma Read More

Roz Pappalardo

Australia / Q Music Read More

Mana Contractor

India / Sideways to Sound Read More

Carudel Nathalie

France / Nyna Valès Read More

Bharath Haridas

India / Lowmoe Collective Read More

Vasanthy Hariram

India / Musician Read More

Lalit Verma

India / Aurodhan, Alliançaise de Pondichéry Read More

Stephen Thirgood

Australia / Bandviews Read More

Manojna Yeluri

India / Artistik License Read More

John Anthony

India / Karnatriix Guitarist, Composer, Producer Read More

Sonya Mazumdar

India / EarthSync Read More

Kalaimamani M. Lalitha

India / Carnatic Violinist Read More

Vitor Belho

Spain / Nordesía Produccións. WOMEX 16. Read More

Ramakrishnan K

India / Artist Touring Read More

Marion Joly

Reunion Island / Tour Manager Read More

Kiran Ahluwalia

United States / Musician, Composer Read More

Adam Greig

India / KM Music Conservatory Read More

Ruchika Tiku

India / Blue FROG Media Pvt. Ltd Read More

Yotam Agam

Israel, India / EarthSync Read More

Kristina Kelman

Australia / Queensland University of Technology Read More

Subbiah Varun

India / Grey Films India Pvt Ltd Read More

Pierre-Emmanuel Jacob

India / Alliance Française of Madras Read More

Michel Audouard

France / LMP Musique Read More

Lachlan Magoo Goold

Australia / Q Music Read More
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Patrick Mathieu

Reunion Island / SACEM Read More

Radha Thomas

United States / Musician Read More

Kishore Mohan

India / Studio Dreamcatcher Read More

Robbe Fred

France / L'Astrolabe Read More

Prateek Prajosh

India / Director Read More

Dev Bhatia

India / UnMute Read More

Nandini Muthuswamy

India / British Council Read More

Ashutosh Phatak

India / The True School of Music Read More

Stephane Heuvelin

France / Les Escales Read More

Sindhu Nandhakumar

India / Actress and Playwright Read More

Blodsow V S

India / Karnatriix Read More

Dhruv Singh

India / Pagal Haina Records Read More

Ankit Thapliyal

India / DJ , Producer Read More

Agnès Revelen

Reunion Island / IOMMA Read More

Ruth Hardie

United Kingdom / Southbank Centre Read More

Madhan Kumar

India / Web Front End Developer Read More

Nithin Subramanian

India / Artist manager, Music producer Read More

Jean François Cadet

Reunion Island / ACTER Read More

Devika Natarajan

India / Scion Brand Consultancy Read More

Amandine Moreau

Reunion Island / La Cité des Arts Read More

Baradwaj Rangan

India / The Hindu Read More

Julie Fourier

India / Bureau Region Pays de la Loire Read More

Michel Cazal

Reunion Island / Artistic Producer Read More

Niranjan Arcot

India / Filmmaker Read More

Dharshan Baskar

India / Actor,Producer Read More

Mohan Kumar K

India / Freelance Writer, Musician Read More

Suvam Debnath

India / Film Enthusiast Read More

Nicolas Gonthier

Reunion Island / Communication Manager Read More

Edison Prithiviraj

India / Exodus, Unwind Center Read More

Nikhil Udupa

India / Viacom 18 Pvt Ltd Read More

Mei-kwei Barker

India / British Council Read More

Arjun Karthikeyan

India / Creative Director Read More
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