Workshop - Film Editing & Sound Design

Date: Friday, 27th November 2015 | Time: 16:30 - 18:30 | Venue: Nataraja | Event Type: Music / Film / Workshop


Film Editing & Sound Design

There is no substitute for experience. Many aspiring filmmakers do not get an opportunity to interact and learn from those who have made a mark in the industry. Two accomplished professionals, who play a large part in what you see and what you hear in a movie - Editor Praveen K L and Sound Designer/Mixer Tapas Nayak - share what they know. They will talk about their philosophy and approach to editing and sound design of a film and share tips and techniques that they have used.

The editing session will include:
- How the edit sets the pace of the movie
- Various techniques in editing based on the script and the director’s vision
- The art of editing for music videos and songs
- How Avid Media Composer helps in the creative process

The audio session will cover:
- Role of sound in a film
- Designing sound for a movie
- Adding a POV to sound design
- The power of Pro Tools as a creative tool


Praveen K L, Film Editor (IN)
Tapas Nayak, Sound Designer (IN)

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Who can apply?

- Filmmakers, film students, editors, sound engineers, sound designers, Media professionals, the general public

How to apply?

1. Participants must already have a 3-day XChange pass (available for purchase here)
2. Seats are limited - please fill in the form below to reserve your seat.

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