Film Festival Program
Showcasing over 50 films this year, IndiEarth XChange Film Festival 2015 screens an exciting collection of independent films – showcasing both established and emerging filmmakers - from rare, difficult-to-access documentaries sourced from India's film archives, to 2015 releases, from animation to international features, and a colourful collection of short films.


And Miles to Go (India)

Director: S. Sukhdev
14 min / English / Short, Documentary / black and white / 1967

Assisted by the voice of Zul Vellani, the film is an emphatic call to the citizens of India to be active participants in the future of the country. Made twenty years after India's independence, the film attempts to provoke its audience through a montage of contradicting lifestyles.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 11:30


Roots (United Kingdom)

Director: Krishnaraj Seenivasan
17 min / English, Hindi, Portuguese / Drama / color / 2015

Jai, a young Indian-American, visits Lisbon to escape from his cultural identity and ultimately, reconnect with his roots.

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Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 11:44


Baobabs Between Land and Sea (France)

Director: Cyrille Cornu
55 min / English, French, Other / Documentary / color / 2015

By their sheer size and original shapes, baobabs are among the most remarkable trees on the planet. Relatively unknown in Madagascar, these giants are currently threatened by deforestation. To study them, in the heart of their forests, Cyrille Cornu and Wilfried Ramahafaly travel by pirogue, exploring 400 km of wild and isolated coastline in the south-west of Madagascar.

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Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 12:00


The Metamorphosis (Bulgaria)

Director: Pencho Dimitrov
29 min / Bulgarian / Drama, Fantasy / color / 2014

One casual morning, the daily life of Gregor Samsa takes a strange turn when he is transformed into a gigantic bug, and he is forced to endure the disparaging attitude of his family and society towards him. “The Metamorphosis” adheres rigidly to the original novella by Franz Kafka, and just as powerfully shows us how a sudden change is perceived as a monstrous metamorphosis.

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Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 13:00


Matrimony (India)

Director: Vijay Jayapal
18:56 min / Tamil / Short, Drama / color / 2015

Matrimony is about a Tamil speaking couple coming to terms with their crumbling marriage, amidst a rather mundane life in the maximum city of Mumbai. The film tries to explore the importance of physical relationships in the context of a typical Indian middle class marriage.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 13:30


Family Meal (Korea, Republic of)

Director: Park Soo-min
21 min / Korean / Comedy, Drama / color / 2014

Kyung-mok does not understand why his mother - a housekeeper – always comes home later than his father after work. One day, Kyung-mok decides to follow his mother and find out why.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 14:00


A Day In The Library (Malaysia)

Director: Eden Wan
9:40 min / Chinese / Short, Drama / color / 2014

A librarian struggles between protecting or betraying a domestic violence victim.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 14:20


Coldness (Egypt)

Director: Mohamed El Dabah
13 min / Arabic / Short, Sci-Fi / color / 2015

In a world where people are filled with emptiness and desperation, "He" desperately tries to acquire a spot on a circular platform that leads people into a deep state of hypnosis, cutting him off from all the coldness that surrounds him.

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Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 14:30


Spring Dawn (China)

Director: Xie Chenglin
2 min / English Subtitles / Animation / color / 2015

This film describes a very simple but interesting story happening during the spring dawn. The film expresses the director’s personal feelings about the spring dawn, and about small animals’ interesting activities in that quiet and comfortable period.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 14:43


Mortem (Philippines)

Director: Bernard Jay Mercado
13 min / Hebrew / Short, Suspense / color / 2014

With no recollection of his identity, Michael is cast into the land to kill Lucifer. Mortem is loosely based on the story of the archangel Michael and Lucifer.

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Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 14:45


The Darkness Moves (Brazil)

Director: Alexandre Rossi
20 min / Portuguese / Short, Noir, Drama / color / 2015

Maria and Pedro. Artists in front of an empty audience.

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Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 15:00


An Ordinary Person (Kazakhstan)

Director: Olga Korotko
5 min / Russian / Short, Drama / color / 2015

A girl with a huge burn all over her face finally gets a hope to have a normal look, to integrate into society, but for this she needs to pass through a series of challenges.

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Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 15:20


Rosario (Costa Rica)

Director: Ayerím Villanueva
7 min / Spanish / Short, Noir, Drama / color / 2015

Rosario reveals her secret to her parents, and decides to follow her heart.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 15:25


Crash (India)

Director: Rajdip Ray
14:57 min / Bengali, English / Docu-fiction, Fiction / color / 2015

In India, road accidents kill 1 person every 3 minutes. More than a million lives are lost in road accidents annually, with the numbers always on the rise. Crash is a docu -fictional short which explores the effect of one such accident on the people around the accident spot.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 15:32


Till Jail Do Us Part (Puerto Rico)

Director: Mariana Emmanuelli, Joserro Emmanuelli
13 min/ Spanish / Short, Drama / color / 2015

Their love and deep religious belief, drive Joseph and Liza, a criminal couple, to kidnap a priest to marry them before they are found and taken in by the police.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 15:57


Veli (India)

Director: Bala Kailasam
53 min / Tamil, English / Documentary / color / 1995

A poetic free flowing documentary along with the river Kaveri, which explores the myriad possible relations possible between a self conscious 'subject' and an active 'object', in this case the river itself. It is finally an 'impossible' love story between the sound and the image.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 16:10


Garden of Eden (Israel)

Director: Ran Tal
60 min / Hebrew, English subtitles / Documentary / color / 2012

Garden of Eden is the story of Gan HaShlosha, better known as the “Sakhne”, one of the largest, most famous and most visited parks in Israel. During the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons of one full year, the film documents the park’s transformation, and with a spectacular expression of cinematic beauty, it tells the stories of the people who visit the park and work therein. Yaacov, whose wife left him and who has since been living a sad and lonely existence; Athir, who is planning to move to Canada because life in Israel does not enable him to reach his full potential; Yael, who was forced to wed at the age of 13 and suffered many years of physical and mental abuse; Itzhak, who has yet to recover from the death of his brother in war and seeks a refuge from the mourning in the cool waters. These are but some of the captivating and touching individuals which the camera encounters. Director Ran Tal studies the innermost parts of Israeli society with humor, beauty, pain and compassion in the least expected location – a recreation park.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 17:30


Billion Star Hotel (Romania)

Director: Alecs Nastoiu
92 min / Romanian / Feature, Fantasy / color / 2015

A little homeless boy, learns how things are going in real life, from his mentor, Papa Rudi.

Venue: Walhaja / Date: 27th Nov 2015 / Time: 18:30